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Guidance For Petitions To Remove Conditions On Permanent Resident Status

When an immigrant obtains a conditional green card through marriage, it can become a critical problem when that marriage ends. Typically, an I-751 petition must be filed jointly by the married couple. If the couple divorces before conditions are removed, the immigrant must request a waiver of the joint filing requirement. It is hard to navigate this process on your own, but a skilled attorney can help you through it.

When you are attempting to remove conditions on your permanent resident status, contact me at my Burnsville office, Vicki Anderson Immigration Law, LLC. I understand these matters, and I know that they are more than just completing paperwork. When your future depends on the outcome of your I-751 petition, let me be the one to help pursue the outcome you deserve.

Facing Changes: Divorce And Good Faith Marriage

When relationships change, it can create a serious problem for conditional permanent residents. Ending your marriage can considerably impact a pending petition, and it is vital that you contact USCIS immediately. You will need to prove that your marriage has legally ended, that it was a bona fide marriage, and that it was established in good faith. A skilled attorney can help you present the facts in your case and lead you through the entire process until a 10-year green card is issued to you.

When you choose me to help you, you gain more than just a lawyer; you receive a dedicated immigration ally who understands the emotional and legal intricacies of your situation. Whether your path is straightforward or complicated by factors like divorce, I am a Minnesota immigration attorney who can provide clarity, support and realistic expectations every step of the way, no matter how complicated things may seem.

Secure Your Future With Confidence

If the time has come to remove the conditions on your marriage-based permanent residency, Vicki Anderson Immigration Law, LLC, is ready to assist you. Do not let the weight of the process deter you. With my help, you can fulfill the requirements and move toward a more secure future. Contact me by calling me at 651-968-0551 or emailing me here, and let us take this important step together.