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Helping Religious Workers With Their Visa Needs

Whether you are a member of a religious order, a minister, a professional working in a religious occupation or vocation, or another type of religious worker, you may be able to come to the United States to work temporarily or, in some cases, live permanently. Securing the visa for your qualifications can be difficult, but it is possible with the help of a skilled immigration attorney.

At my Burnsville law firm, Vicki Anderson Immigration Law, LLC, I am one of the few immigration lawyers in the region who has placed a special focus on representing members of religious organizations and religious workers. I represent ministers, nuns, monks, and other members of religious orders; people working at Bible camps; and many other types of religious workers.

R-1 Temporary Work Visas

There is no cap on the number of R-1 temporary work visas issued each year. To obtain this visa, the religious worker must be coming to the U.S. to work for a nonprofit religious organization or an organization affiliated with the denomination in one of the following capacities:

  • As a minister (such as a pastor, priest, imam, or rabbi)
  • In a religious occupation
  • In a religious vocation

To learn more, please review the detailed information on R-1 visas or call my Burnsville, Minnesota, office at 651-968-0551.

Green Cards For Religious Workers

No labor certification is required to obtain an immigrant visa for a religious worker. This can simplify the process of obtaining a green card. I will file an I-360 special immigrant religious worker petition. For more information about green cards for religious workers, please see my page on I-360 special immigrant religious worker petitions.

Understanding R-1 Visa Essentials And Validity

If you are considering an R-1 visa for religious work in the U.S., it pays to understand the process of securing one. The R-1 visa process involves employer sponsorship, proving the employer is a nonprofit religious organization or affiliated with the denomination, your membership in the same denomination as the organization, and demonstrating your role as a minister, in a religious occupation, or in a religious vocation.

Typically, R-1 status is valid for up to 30 months. It may be possible to secure an extension to add another 30 months of R-1 status. It is best to start this process as soon as possible, as thorough documentation and legal compliance are key to a successful petition.

Contact Vicki Anderson Immigration Law, LLC

Other restrictions and requirements apply. To find out how I can be of assistance, please contact my Burnsville office by emailing me here or calling 651-968-0551 today.